Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Emotion is the Constant Stimulus
Imagine being who you are where you are. What is the -thing you are always doing? There are some common denominators amongst us. At the very minimum, we emote in the living. So, this living experience along with what can be practiced - an appreciative attitude ruling. Could this be a recipe for juggling happiness? Emotion TRULY is the stimulus of all!

Monday, August 10, 2015


Scents & Soy
Working with soy is delightful. It's the perfect medium to deliver the crispness and inspiration laddled in scents like Ambery Rose, Green Tea with Grace, & La Lavendar. These are our signature scents. And, we do infuse scents and soy into candles because it is fun way to bring more light into the universe! Of course, Artisan! these are hand-made signature sets in eco-friendly wicks with chic packaging. The wax is 100% vegetable, 90-10 soy/coconut infused with beloved fragrances to inspire. It's simple. We do the same with Shea Butters too, creating smooth and creamy moisturizers with therapeutic properties.