Sunday, October 16, 2016

Spiritual Sales Pitch

I've Got It
My Spiritual Sales pitch, the affirmation and that belief which is a root to your foundation of thoughts like a Mother thought. My Dearest Friend has a saying, 'I know, at least, I deserve...
She has a basic level of requirement for a given situation to be satisfactory and by her standards. Do you think it's a good idea to think this way?

My Spiritual Sales Pitch

Poison Under My Skin

Imagine Being Conceived in Darkness
I am an ideal birth, let me tell it;  even if every moment of my existence had been riddled in darkness. What is meant by darkness? We're focusing on the experience of coming into existence and the ingredients that get the gumbo right. I traced my lifeline all the way back to sperm and egg when wanting to discover the root of my melancholy nature. And, the darkness discovered was the energy relating to the condition of my being conceived.

Every Teachable Moment
What happens when a pretty package runs out of tape? Definitely, there may end up being some rips in the fabric. This is what happened to me. When life experiences weren't adding up to the accomplishing feelings I expected, I declared spiritual warfare and started a dedicated journey to living a wealthy life packed with the emotions and outcomes to provide desirable and lasting emotions parallel to happiness and satisfaction over time.

Something was missing or not expressing in my equation of life. The disconnect was so blaring as my life was riddled with nonsense and primitively natured struggles. At the moment everything about me became a lesson of revitalization and repair, the outside world became a mirror and the journey to the deep within for answers began.

Poison Under My Skin
To personify an inanimate object such as a pacifier; my entire life was on trajectory to soothe the fickle nature of others. I too like my Mom and many other women heroes became a Mother by force and am so advanced and blessed and champion-like to supercede the pain and transmute the details of harboring new life into positive potential despite. Just as mine did!

I was conceived in a rippled current of force. My Mother's body was between 14-15 when carrying me. And, the physicality leading to my existence was purely primal, passionate, jarring, and beautiful all at the same time. The resulting details were handled in a passive, primitive, and punishing way for which my Angel Mother did her best to recover. Her reward was shame and a station to womanhood. His was shallow and superficial.

So, imagine being a consolation prize, spoken as a reward from motherhood achieved by force. This has been my curse; to exist as a token to look on the bright side of being born through a channel of suffering. I've  only ever known the dismal side to silver linings!

A magnet for problem solving, I spent every inkling of my time soothing misfortune. The resulting dynamic depressed me and drained my zest for life. The spiritual journey has led to my true empowerment and purpose. All of this to learn that I am here to empower others strengthening their spiritual approach to lifestyle. This is my gift. With love and preparation, the poison under my skin is the antidote to my living completely, freely, happily, powerfully.

Energetic Fields Support the Essence of Life
This is about the energetic fields that support the essence of human life. We are anchored to existence as energy and the root chemistry to this energy influences our human properties. The way we express ourselves through living is defined and influenced by nature. Relationship and understanding to this origin allowed me to receive critical details about building a belief system as awesome as I've wanted to express.