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Soy Mantra

Lighting a flame, sets such ambiance. The flickers of fire, the scent sure can dance.
To set an intention, when sparking the flame. To give it a mood, give this love a name.
Lighting a flame, is more than a thing. With the right focus, more love you can bring.

(setting an extra-aromatic soy candle)

Shea Mantra

I started making bodycare products in my kitchen about eleven years ago. Clean living has been a great addition to my health care practices. As a Naturista, I like to charge my creations and hand-mades with positive intentions. I do so because I believe what goes inside the body is as important as what we put onto our bodies.

Shea Butter:
*packed with therapeutic properties and vitamins.
*nourishes the hair, skin, and nails.
*yellow and white colored variations of this smoked nut emollient.
*excellent for burns, bruising, cellular rejuvenation, and circulation.

Natural Care Blog

I was in my late 20's when I became obsessed with clean living and natural care. It was around the time I first became a Mom. Since then, creating body care from ingredients in the kitchen has been a staple. And, whenever the opportunity arises to discuss being a Naturista, it exhilarates me.
From here, I have grown as an Artist and writing about ways to empower ourselves from the inside out is what this blog is all about.

Meditation Makes Room

Open your heart,
take a deep breath.
Worry, fear, doubt,
are placed on the shelf.

Clearing the mind,
focus on might.
Embrace the body,
transcend to light.

Repeat this pattern,
of breathe in and out.
You've just made room,
inside your new house.

Flower Shows for Inspiration

It was May 2015. I draw tons of inspiration from the growth patterns in flowers. They say 'the highest expression of brilliance in a plant' is the bearing of fruit and/or petals. How do you get motivated?

Scents by Scent of Grace

Natural Body Care Scents AMBERY ROSE