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Soy Mantra

Lighting a flame, sets such ambiance. The flickers of fire, the scent sure can dance.
To set an intention, when sparking the flame. To give it a mood, give this love a name.
Lighting a flame, is more than a thing. With the right focus, more love you can bring.

(setting an extra-aromatic soy candle)

Shea Mantra

I started making bodycare products in my kitchen about eleven years ago. Clean living has been a great addition to my health care practices. As a Naturista, I like to charge my creations and hand-mades with positive intentions. I do so because I believe what goes inside the body is as important as what we put onto our bodies.

Shea Butter:
*packed with therapeutic properties and vitamins.
*nourishes the hair, skin, and nails.
*yellow and white colored variations of this smoked nut emollient.
*excellent for burns, bruising, cellular rejuvenation, and circulation.