Monday, April 13, 2015

Macys for the Flower Show

Do you practice any rituals to draw inspiration?  What are the things you like to try other than being with beautiful people and eating delicious foods?  For an easy start, our daily experiences can be tapped to draw motivation.  I'm sure the point of any & everything is to have a good time.  When channeling the value of who you are, have you considered the strength in connecting with nature?

When it's very cold in Chicago, Macy's Flower Show helps out! The multi-day event boasts the richest arrangements and colorful blooms.  Flowers are known for therapeutic properties that stimulates the senses.  And, every stairway, isle, and post is drenched in petals. Decked in live plants swimming in art installs, the visual displays always tell a story.  My 2015 favorite,'Petal Waterfall'.