I'm T'wanna Walker, an Artist who is inspired to survey nature - growing up a curator of beautiful things.

I enjoy work using my hands and words. And, being multi-disciplinary as an Artist means versatility in expression. Some medium include apothecary, flower pots, plants, terrariums, painting, natural stones, rocks, gems, jewelry- making, intuitive art, fashion, dyeing fabrics, words, writing, and anything lifestyle.

For me, art and meditation create the feelings of well-being to enjoy this life experience.
The three most important things in my life experience are spirituality, personal relationships, and delivering professional service. Spirituality is the most important because it's the instrument to express my everything. I’ve discovered my true self and my purpose! Personal relationships are cherished because they are sacred to me for feelings of love and joy. And, work gives me even more purpose.

My three favorite reads are The Seven Spiritual Law of Success by Deepak Chopra. It's contributed to my self-mastery, abilities, strengths along this journey of life. Servant Leadership by Robert K. Greenleaf is my expert virtual coaching and advice. The Rainforest by Victor Hwang & Greg Horowitt is a complicated read yet is an excellent screenshot to build thriving entrepreneurial landscapes.