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Welcome to my work. I appreciate your taking a look. Do read the My Money is Real manuscript for yourself or listen here to the audio-manuscript. Then, check out the rest of what's coming this year!

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Chicago-inspired designs...

Tee-shirts available in 2017!

Back in 2014 at the Institute for Arts Entrepreneurship in Chicago.

In 2014, filming with Bill Sacco of the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Art Studio Event in 2014...

I was hosting a coffee art event where couples created mid-century letterheads and worked with fancy pages to stain and mark keepsakes for their lovers. It was followed by a music set with Saxophonist Jeff Gibbs and his singer. There was food, art, and music. Can you see pages drying anywhere?

BrideportsArts Center...

Exhibiting at Bridgeport Arts Center, Farmers Market in 2015. It hosted apothecary, candles, farmers, beekeepers, potters, stained glass artists, chefs, and more... 

Hand-made Scented
Soy Candle

Candle-making classes are popular!

DuSable Museum
Arts & Crafts 
Festival 2015

Scent of Grace is exhibiting hand-made jewelry!

Chinese Silk Painting

Wolf Spirit,
Summer 2016

Tee-shirt Designs